Organise your emails in Notion. Designed for managing emails and tasks for a single user. #InboxZero

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Outlook - free personal email and calendar from Microsoft

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Add your email inboxes on the left for quick access

High Priority Emails

Configure additional custom tags to be displayed here, or limit how many cards to display

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> #Urgent and #Todo email tasks, actions required.

High Priority Emails


Latest Emails

Change display period: Edit View Layout → Filter → Received On: [Select your period]

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> New emails in the past month.

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Follow Up Required

If you save emails via BCC and apply email tag “viaBCC”, the emails will show up below

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Emails pending follow up actions, showing oldest emails first.

Follow Up Emails


Calendar View

This view may be empty when you first duplicate this template. Once you start saving and logging emails, your items will appear here

Calendar View